Indications Varicosities on The Legs

Varicosities of the legs appear when there is venous insufficiency of the lower limbs: some of the valves of the veins are no longer sufficient. Venous insufficiency is the result of a family predisposition and can be favoured by standing, immobility, pregnancies, taking hormonal contraceptives or by weight gain.

It can be either minimal or quite significant and must be managed comprehensively in collaboration with the cardiovascular surgeon and the dermatologist. Depending on the clinic and your ailments, a Doppler may be necessary.

Treatment varies from a surgical procedure to sclerotherapy or long-pulsed Nd:Yag laser treatment or wearing support stockings.

Prior consultation with a dermatologist is compulsory. Together, you and your doctor will assess which treatment is best suited to your needs and what the possible side effects might be. Based on this discussion, the doctor will also provide a quote.

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