Indications Remove a Tattoo

Thanks to the picosecond laser, the doctor can remove a tattoo from the skin. Different factors play a role in the result to be obtained, such as the type of ink used, the way the tattoo has been applied (amateur or professional) or the number of colours present in the tattoo. The picosecond laser breaks the ink into very small particles. Your body will in turn eliminate these particles.

The number of sessions will vary according to all these factors but also according to the size of the tattoo. On average, you should plan 5 to 10 sessions 1 to 3 months apart. Each phototype can be treated with the picolaser, but higher phototypes require more sessions.

The treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic. Immediately after the treatment, the skin is red and swollen to recover within a few days. The tattoo will very gradually lighten and finally disappear in the majority of cases.

Before the treatment, your skin should not be tanned and sun exposure of the treated area should be avoided for 1 month.

Prior consultation with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon is compulsory. Together, you and your doctor will assess which treatment is best suited to your needs and what the possible side effects might be. Based on this discussion, the doctor will also provide a quote.

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