Indications Spider Angioma

Spider angioma is a benign skin lesion that is usually found on the face. It is characterised by a small, red, star-shaped spot. The centre forms a small macule or papule, which is the small feeding vessel of the spider angioma.

Treatment is carried out using a long-pulsed Nd:Yag laser or by IPL.

Immediately after the session, the zone treated may be red and slightly swollen. This will not last more than a few hours. Sometimes a small scab may form. This disappears naturally.

In most cases, one session is enough but sometimes a second or even third session may be necessary.

At the time of treatment, skin should not be tanned, and it is recommended to avoid sun exposure for up to a month after the session.

Prior consultation with a dermatologist is compulsory. Together, you and your doctor will assess which treatment is best suited to your needs and what the possible side effects might be. Based on this discussion, the doctor will also provide a quote.

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